The making of our house - the television series.

We have a contract for creating a 7 episode tv series about the building of our home. At the moment we cannot disclose any more info than that. if you search the net, you might just find the info about us.

Follow our progress as we film all the aspects of building our home. We are currently filming the episodes. Check back soon for updates. we will be premiering this fall 2010 Sunday evenings

The entire show is being filmed in High Definition format. This will bring the imagery to life, making you feel as though you were there. In keeping with our "green methodology" we have chosen to use a completely tapeless workflow. The Panasonic P2 format will enable all of our HD footage to be ready for editing as it is recorded directly onto hard drives. We are using the Panasonic Lumix camera for still photography, it incorporates a Leica lens that produces stunning pictures with a 12x optical zoom.

This show will far surpass the average reality based series. In order to be the best show of its kind, we have enlisted some of the top talents in television today.

The editors at Refinery will create the story through imagery. Sifting through countless hours of High-Definition footage to hone the perfect cut will make the "Green Log Home" show stand above the usual reality show. Storytelling is what they do best and with a roster of 6 talented editors our show is sure to be a success. The perfect mix between editing and graphics will give the show a polished look not often found on reality "makeover" shows .

Refinery Post Production is a television editorial company based in Manhattan. During the 30 years in business they have worked on ad campaigns for brands, such as, Coke, Pepsi, AT&T, Sony, Fuji and LG. Refinery has a full roster of talented editors each with their own specialization. If getting a visual story out to the world is your goal, look no further than the team at Refinery. Take a look at their website to see some of the fantastic work they create.

Stitch will play a key role in the design of the TV show. The designers will create the look and feel for the show. Stitch will create the full design package including the show open and graphics throughout. Currently a 3d version of the home has been created with a full walkthrough using SoftImage XSI. Through the use of graphics and animation Stitch will bring the virtual home to life. All of the green technologies implemented on "Green Log Home" will be demonstrated with animation so the viewers can feel as though they are part of the process.

Stitch is a design firm that specializes in the art of the moving image. The design team at stitch work together to bring a concept to life. While initially Stitch was centered around the commercial advertising market, through diversification, projects now include Visual effects, 3d animation, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Interactive, Websites, and full graphics packages. Stitch Clients include, American Express, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Lays, Nivea, MTV, and National Geographic to name a few. You can see by the beautiful work on their website just how much Stitch will bring to this show.



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